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Imagine a seamless omni-channel experience

The customer benefits from a multi-channel wallet solution across all channels with a tailor-made customer card, making it simple to access their balance from one channel to the other. The BGT omni-channel products and risk management services support the retail operation, propelling the business forward in a rapidly-changing industry.

Omni-channel is a successful business model that employs a variety of channels to maximise a customer’s overall experience including research before a purchase. Such channels include retail, online, mobile, mobile applications and any other method of transacting with a customer. It integrates user experience while encouraging and maximising player engagement. Through a singular back-end management across all channels it reduces administration overheads. A comprehensive support system for omni-channel activity data is funnelled through external systems providing player insight and allowing services and offers to be tailored for individuals or player segments.

Our aim:

LAND-BASED – Public Devices

We have more than 22,000 BGT terminals, tablets and tills across four continents to drive business forward, which will become an integral component of the future of retail betting.

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DIGITAL – Private Devices

Private devices personalise the betting-playground of your customers with a user-driven layout that transforms stats and tables into an innovative betting toolkit and boosts impulsive betting with a consistent user experience

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Platform Features

By using our technology platform, businesses can deliver more events and markets more efficiently to their customer base.

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