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We can take charge of your career! With more than 200 employees, in three different countries, we are rapidly expanding and thereby able to give you the best opportunity to grow, showcase your talents and be creative.

You are constantly curious, striving for perfection and an expert in your field?

A solution-striving developer within a team, aimed at cutting-edge development, willing to work in a multicultural team, enjoying what you create and over 18 years old?

Then apply for one of our jobs right away!

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Here you will find information about the procces of applying for a job at BGT.

How do I apply?
Who are my contacts?
What documents should I include in my application?
  • Letter of Motivation
  • CV
  • Other documents, such as work certificates, recommendations
How does the application procces work?
  • Initial consultation with a team leader and one team member
  • Second interview, with the Head of the Department
  • It is possible that during the first or second interview, someone from HR will be in attendance, but never more than two BGT employees at any given time
  • For interested parties, we offer a “get to know day” at the office
What is the agenda for the trail/get to know day?
  • There is no application test, but we do offer each candidate a trial day at the office
  • These “days” can vary according to the department
  • The purpose of these “days” is to get to know potential new colleagues, and for them to get an insight into the daily schedule, the meeting culture as well as the technical area of responsibilities
How to recognize our sense of innovation?

Innovation begins with the employee. Colleagues, who contribute significantly to innovations within the company or stand out from others, are awarded one of three honours (“The Matrix”, “Last Boy Scout” and, often “The Rookie of the Year”)

Is it possible to work during the summer at the BGT?
  • Yes, but only in the development department (requires a technical background such as HTL, studies at a technical school)
  • Unsolicited applications accepted, but only if applicant is at least 18 years old
I have a question that does not appear in FAQ

Please send an email to – we will get back to you

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